Asphalt is an important decorative element
Élément décoratif

Asphalt is a decorative element, and with the good weather comes the great season of renovations! Landscaping is one such project; very often by surprise, the melting snow brings a horrible view just ahead of us. The rest of the road gravel on the lawn, the lost mitten that appears not far from the entrance, leftover snacks and probably leaves that had fallen after the fall sweep.

But the asphalt, shall we replace it?

The paving of a residential entrance can last more than fifteen years when it is done in the rules of the art, hence the importance of paying attention to the choice of the contractor and keeping an eye on the progress of the works. But this time elapsed, the entrance becomes a sad vision of cracks, even potholes.

Moreover, because of its appearance, asphalt is also a decorative element of the most seen! Replacing its paved driveway comes with a whole construction site, noises, big machines.

So why not try to save the existing structure?

In a multitude of projects, cracks can be repaired with TexNov Crack Filler. This allows you to have a surface on which to add a new acrylic layer, such as Pave-Tex. Its all-acrylic elastomers make Pave-Tex a durable solution that will adapt to freeze-thaw cycles. To learn more about replacing or repairing your asphalt, here is the answer on the Pave-tex.com Blog.

The courtyard entrance is the first impression one has of your residence; make it a WOW! is simpler than you think. Remember, your asphalt is a decorative element! A beautiful paved entrance therefore plays an important role in terms of the style, comfort and conviviality of your home. Basically, your entrance is the first impression of your home, neglecting it is not an option!

Here’s the answer for how to get your cobblestone driveway back to its original shine

We invest a lot of time in imagining our house, our furniture and interior and exterior decorative objects, but much less in thinking about the entrance, which remains very important for the look of your residence.

In the past, the entrance to the garage (or courtyard) had a strictly functional function, to get to our home or to park our vehicle. Times have evolved and aesthetics has taken on importance over practicality. Just take a look on Pinterest to see how paved driveways are part of an overall home design.

Now you can enhance the access to your home or garage with style, elegance and the uniqueness that sets you apart…and that will only be the first impression. Remember, Pave-Tex protects your asphalt, while adding unique characteristics as a decorative asphalt element.

Think about your lifestyle, your needs and your space. Resurfacing your paved driveway is one of the easiest projects to do. Asphalt is not only a structural element but also a decorative one.

TexNov has developed Pave-Tex, an innovative textured coating that allows you to beautifully remodel your driveway by protecting the structure for ten years. Your driveway should match and complement the architectural style of your home to increase its value; moreover, the asphalt driveway is the first decorative element that is perceived upon entering your home.

For this purpose, Pave-Tex is a textured product, which imitates real asphalt in texture and color. Its non-slip surface makes it easier to get in and out of your home during cold weather. Its elasticity guarantees unparalleled durability on the market.