How to use Pave-Tex?

Wondering how to use Pave-Tex? Paving your driveway is an investment to help gain quality of life and to enhance the curb appeal of your home. At TexNov, we are aware of this, and to help you protect your investment, we have developed the Pave-Tex. Pave-Tex is the ultimate solution to protect and enhance the original look of your driveway.

For this project, you will need:

– Texnov crack filler,
– The Pave-Tex
– A roll,
– A roller cage and
– A trowel ort a putty knife

Ask for the products at your trusted retailer or use the online store to receive all the products at home quickly. All orders placed in the morning of a business day are shipped the same day!

A project of a few hours for optimal results for ten years!

Before you start, check the weather forecast to make sure it will be a nice weekend with no chance of showers and the temperature won’t drop below 10 degrees. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 – Setting up the surface

Trim the grass edges and clean up all dirt, dust, and debris then rinse the driveway using the strongest water jet possible. Ideally, use a pressure washer. Scrub any stains with a stiff wire bristle brush and asphalt cleaner to prevent the stain from rising to the surface after the new coat has been applied.

Step 2 – Clean oil stains

Small engine oil leaks are tough to beat. Still hot, the oil soaks into the asphalt and is very difficult to remove. Please use a specific product to remove any oil dirt, this will allow the Pave-Tex to create an even and perfectly bonded layer on your current asphalt. TerxNov offers you the Surface Preparer. Ask your retailer.

Step 3 – Fill cracks with a putty knife

Then repair any existing cracks. For cracks less than three-quarters of an inch wide, use Pave-Tex Crack Filler. Find the Pave-Tex Crack Sealer at your local retailer or use the online store to order it now and have it delivered to your home quickly.

Fill the crack to the brim and let the product cure according to the directions on the label. For larger cracks, use a specific product to seal potholes, tamp them down and fill the hole to the brim. By following this technique, there will be a minimum of shrinkage before applying the sealer as a finishing coat.

Step 4 – Repair Potholes if needed

Please use a specific product to seal cracks measuring over three-quarters of an inch or potholes. Deeper holes require longer to harden, so you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Usually, two weeks is enough.

Step 5 – Apply Pave-Tex Textured Coating

Pave-Tex is applied by brush or roller. You can use the brush to trim the edges of your driveway and the roller for the large surface. Follow instructions carefully for drying times. Pave-Tex will restore the appearance and texture of new asphalt in a matter of minutes, and its results will last for ten years.

End of the project – revive, seal and protect your driveway in one weekend!

By following these easy steps, you’ve just extended the life of your paved driveway by ten years.