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life extender for asphalt driveways

Beautiful driveways for longer
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Extend the lifespan of your driveway now!

Don’t pay more for less

10 years lifespan

Pave-Tex is a textured acrylic resurfacer that bonds to the existing dammaged asphalt.

The elasticity of the 100% acrylic polymers gives an increased resistance to wear and weather, extending the life and beauty of your asphalt driveway like no other.


Unparalleled Performance

The Pave-Tex lab tests are revealing: the application of a textured acrylic coating protects the asphalt for years.

Always like the first day!

Keep your asphalt looking like new with Pave-Tex. In addition, its texture gives it the appearance of bitumen, hassle-free!

Ease and durability

Pave-Tex can be applied in just a few hours, for an expected lifespan of ten years. Ideal for a long weekend project!

Made here, for the local conditions

Pave-Tex is the result of R&Di efforts in our laboratories. Our high adhesion and elasticity acrylic polymers guarantee unrivaled durability for years.

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